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Hoi! Welcome to our website. We are Kyra & Caresse. Sisters, living in the Netherlands. We want to share our love for this country with you. Survival Dutch offers fun Dutch (online/classroom) language courses, for individuals and companies. We also organise Walk & Bite Tours in Leiden where we both studied and live(d). While you’re here, take a look in our Survival Dutch Branding webshop for great gifts. We hope you will have an amazing experience in the Netherlands. Feel free to reach out to us in case you have any questions. XO, the Dutch sisters.

Hi there! Welcome to our Survival Dutch Website. We are Kyra & Caresse. Dutch sisters, living in The Netherlands. We love our beautiful country and we want to share that with you. Survival Dutch offers Dutch language courses, for individuals and companies, Walk & Bite tours and our official Survival Dutch Branding webshop. Are you new here in The Netherlands? Welcome in The Netherlands. We hope you have an amazing experience in this country, and let us know if you need anything!


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Dutch Language courses

We provide Dutch language courses (online or classroom) for absolute beginners and beginners plus who would like to learn Dutch in a fun, interactive and informal way. We focus on daily Dutch conversations. We offer classes voor individuals and companies.

Walk & Bite tours

Feel like exploring the city with us as your local guides? We will take you to awesome places during our city-walk through Leiden. This tour is combined with some bites & drinks in local restaurants.

Official webshop

Need a gift for your family back home or do you want a Dutch souvenir just for you? Take a look at our webshop where you will find various items with a Dutch touch so you will remember the Netherlands forever! Please see the terms and conditions and the refund policy below the page.

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JoseDutch course - classroom
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I highly recommend the Survival Dutch course! If you are looking to learn the basics from the Dutch language with a completely practical approach, this is your best option! Learn Dutch while having fun! Kyra is super nice and will push you to speak Dutch right in the first class!
ManuellaDutch course - online
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I really loved the experience of learning Dutch in such a good and funny environment. You were able to make an easy way out of it and it was awesome and I'm so glad you have dared me to speak Dutch and now I'm much more closer to it.
Daniel Walk & Bite Tour
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Leuke (spontane) manier om Leiden te leren kennen. Deel geschiedenis, deel leuke feiten en weetjes over Leiden anno nu. Af en toe even een stop om wat te eten en/of drinken. Na afloop de wereld leuke foto's gekregen waar iedereen op staat. Na de tour allemaal tips gekregen waar we heen konden te eten of leuke bar/Kroeg. Naar Leiden? Ik zeg: boek Survival Dutch!
MarleenCustomer Orange Sweater
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Voor Koningsdag heb ik de oranje Survival Dutch-trui gekocht. Hij zit echter zo lekker dat ik 'm veel vaker draag dan die ene dag per jaar! Het logo is heel vet, het model hip & comfortabel en het is een heel lekker zittende stof. Super blij mee en een echte aanrader!