Survival Dutch

Dutch Sisters


We are Kyra and Caresse. Sisters! We were born and raised in the Netherlands. Our aim is to connect the internationals with the Dutch. We can learn so much from each other! We dare you to be Dutch, no matter how long you will be staying in our lovely little country.

Kyra (29)

“In 2015 I finished the master’s programme in Public International Law at Leiden University. I currently live in Amsterdam with my boyfriend. Photography, working out, reading and creating are some of the many things I enjoy doing. Stepping out of my comfort zone and keep on challenging myself is important for me as well: I jumped out of an airplane at Texel (one of the islands of the Netherlands), and got my PADI (scuba diving diploma). Survival Dutch connects people, which – I believe – is essential in a country where so many different cultures come together. My advise to you when living in the Netherlands? Don’t only visit the big cities but explore the hidden treasures, far away from the crowds. I dare you to be Dutch!”

Caresse (26)

“Hey there! My name is Caresse and I live in the beautiful city of Leiden: the city where I’ve studied and the city that makes me smile every day. I love to explore new places: visiting countries and learning about other cultures. It’s so interesting and fun! I just want to see and experience everything! My life motto is to make every day a special day. Appreciate the little things and don’t take them for granted. I like to make the most out of each and every day. That is how I live. My sister and I always had big ideas/plans and enjoyed designing and creating things since we were young. Survival Dutch is a concept we really believe in. I love the idea that we connect people. Because hey, life is about being connected with one another right?:)”